Simple & Healthy Homemade Food to Go

freeze dried mangos, apple muffins, carrots and hummus, powerballs

I absolutely love to be at home.  I appreciate daily strolls in the garden picking homegrown produce and time in the kitchen preparing healthy food for my family.  But the reality is whether it be school, work, activities, appointments, or other commitments, there are days and times when we are not able to eat at home.  When that’s the case I like to have simple and healthy homemade food options that we can take with us on the go.

Preparing some healthy homemade food ahead of time is very helpful for those busy days out.  These suggestions would make great snacks and lunches.  They also work well when you are not able to heat up your food.

Healthy Food to Go Stored in the Freezer

The benefit of storing these things in the freezer is that they can be made when you have the time and then stored in the freezer until you need them.

  • Scones…A variety of flavors are fun to have on had both sweet and savory. For example…berry, pumpkin, or maybe a bacon, cheddar, chive combo for a savory option.
  • Muffins and bread….I like to use up things from the garden such as zucchini and berries. Bananas are another great option.
  • Hand pies…Both sweet and savory work well here.
  • Power balls…With just a few ingredients there are endless combinations to create. Chocolate peanut butter, berry, or carrot cake are all delicious.
  • Granola bars…similar ingredients to power balls but in a classic bar shape.
  • Smoothies…blend up your favorite smoothie and store in a freezable cup. It will defrost by lunch time.
  • Bagels…Sourdough or not make a big batch and store in the freezer
  • Sourdough PB & J and other sandwiches…If smuckers can do with with Uncrustables so can we with some homemade bread.
  • Sourdough soft pretzels
  • Pancake/waffle sandwiches…Make a big batch on the weekend. Then slather on peanut butter and nutella, sprinkle with hemp and call it good and store in the freezer.

Food to Go Stored in the Pantry

These foods can be stored in the pantry.  Some will need to be eaten within a few days but others will last for weeks at a time or longer.

  • Crackers…Lots of options such as homemade seed crackers, sourdough, or wheat crackers.
  • Granola…Lasts stored for weeks in the pantry and you can change up ingredients and flavors.
  • Dried fruit…Raisens, craisens, apriocots, whatever you like.
  • Spiced nuts…Great protein snack and wonderful in the fall.
  • Roasted chickpeas…I can think of some sweet and savory flavors that are really good.
  • Freeze dried fruit…A light weight way to carry your fruit.
  • Dehydrated fruit roll up…Replace fruit roll ups with some homemade fruite leather.
  • Popcorn…Make it on the stove stop and then grab and go.
  • Jerkey…A great protein option.
  • Trail-mix…Make your favorite combinations.
  • Freeze dried salsa…Easy to transport in the freeze dried form. Just add water and you have a perfect pair with some chips.
  • Freeze dried guacamole…All you have to add is water and then you have a great dip.
  • Freeze dried hummus…Just like the two above a great dip option just add water.

Healthy Food to Go Stored in the Fridge

These foods work best prepped at the beginning of the week.

  • Fresh veggies and fruit…I like to peel carrots and have other veggies washed and chopped and put into jars. This makes it so much easier to grab last minute.
  • Hummus…This can be frozen in individual containers so its ready for your dipping needs.
  • Nut butters
  • Yogurt….Make a big batch and put it in individual containers. If they are freezer safe this will freeze fine as well. Pairs great with freeze dried berries and granola.
  • Salsa
  • Cheese
  • Meats…extra cooked meat or lunch meat are great to grab.
  • Hard boiled eggs… Nice to eat plain or add to a salad,
  • Fermented veggies…They make great easy additions to lunches.

There are really so many options for healthy whole real food to have on hand. No need to succumb to fast and processed food. With a little planning and forethought simple and healthy homemade food to go is very possible.

freeze dried mangos, apple muffins, carrots and hummus, power balls
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