Secrets to Eating at Home

Let’s talk about some secrets to eating at home more often.  But first…why do we even want to eat at home? Especially when there are so many options available to us?  There are two obvious benefits I will mention but I’m sure we could come up with more. 

First, it just makes sense financially.  It is not sustainable to eat out all the time.  Making food at home costs a fraction of what you would pay for something similar at a restaurant.  Another advantage is the investment you make in your long term health.  When you make things at home you get to choose and know what is in the food you are consuming.  We are all aware that convenience and fast foods are not known for their health promoting abilities.

4 Secrets to eating at home more often

1. Grow your own Food

When you have taken the time to grow your own food you are way more likely to want to use it.  Whether you start with a seed or a tiny plant it often takes many weeks or months of tending before you are able to harvest.  After investing that kind of time you will not want to see the fruit of your labor go to waste.  

If you can’t garden another great option is to join a local CSA (community supported agriculture).  By partnering with a local farm you can get a share regularly and reap the health benefits of fresh garden produce but without all the labor.

When you grow your own food, visit a farmers market, or are part of a CSA you greatly reduce the amount of packaging waste.  Less plastic in the landfill is always a win!

2. Prepare things ahead of time

We are all incredible busy people.  Having some things prepared ahead of time makes eating at home so much more enjoyable!  How often do we open the fridge, think we have nothing to eat, and then decide to go out because starting with nothing seems to difficult.  It is so helpful to have some items on hand ready to go. Here are a list of basics that I find helpful to have on hand to help me pull together quick meals.

Freezer : tortillas, bread, bagels, muffins, scones, quiche crust, cooked meats, cooked beans, broth, homemade hummus, and pesto

Fridge: Fermented foods like kraut, kimchi, pickles; chopped and prepped veggies; salsas, sauces, dips and spreads

Pantry: canned goods like jams, salsa, tomato sauce; freeze dried food such as cooked beans/lentils or spaghetti sauce; and prepped seed crackers or breads

3. Elevate your experience with extras.

What makes the food special when you go out?  Often it is the extra things they include.  Special toppings and sides, for example, and this can be easy to do at home too.  

Sprinkle dried herbs on top.  Maybe a lazy susan or a basket on your table with a variety of table friendly spices.  That way everyone can add what they like.  A little old bay or maybe some everything bagel seasoning.

Take the level up a notch by running to the garden and adding some fresh herbs or edible flowers.  So many herbs come back year after year like chives, sage, oregano, and mint making them well worth planting.

Grow some sprouts or micro greens.  They are easy to grow, add an extra touch, and pack of punch of nutrition at the same time.  

Add a sauce to the side or a drizzle of something on top.  A homemade condiment such as hummus or pesto on the side can be a special treat.  A drizzle of peanut butter on top of a muffin and a sprinkle of hemp seeds takes a homemade banana muffin from good to great.

4. Make your plate pretty.

When you go out they almost always make your food look good.  At home we often think nothing is appealing because we don’t make it so!  Make some art with your food!  We eat first with our eyes.  You might just be eating yogurt but if you put it in a bowl, add your favorite fruits, sprinkle some chia and hemp seeds, add granola and a drizzle of honey you have a cafe worthy meal in front of you. 

Sometimes you need to drink from your favorite mug or on a plate that you need to wash by hand or just arrange your food so that it looks appealing.  Doing the three secrets above will also help make your plate pretty.  When you are eating whole real food and elevating it with extras the result will be a beautiful picture worthy treat you will feel excited to eat.  

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home grown carrots and smoothie bowl with granola
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