How to Make and Use Simple Pretty Pink Beet Powder 

diced beets on tray

Growing Beets

Beets are a statement vegetable for sure with their bold and vibrant color. This simple pretty pink beet powder showcases their beauty and is going to be a versatile pantry staple you do not want to be without.    

Beets are a great and easy addition in the garden and typically can be grown throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  If you have an abundance of them this pink beet powder is a great way to preserve the harvest so that you can enjoy them in many different ways all year long.

Have you ever noticed or thought about how God’s design seems to be all over nature. Specifically it is displayed in the appearance of some fruit and vegetables.  It’s like God said I need to lay it out pretty clearly so people will make the connection between the food I have provided for them and the organ or body system it will help promote health in.  I love this!

Beets are one such food.  After one slice in a beet you immediately are met with that beautiful red/purple color and you can’t dismiss the fact that it looks and acts an awful lot like blood.  

Health Benefits of Beets

Lets take a quick look at some of the health benefits of beets.

  • loaded with vitamins and minerals 
  • high fiber content which is helpful for gut health
  • anti inflammatory
  • high in antioxidants 
  • great for improving blood and heart health… specifically blood pressure and blood sugar regulation
  • can help lower cholesterol
  • assist with liver and kidney health
  • can aid in exercise and athletic performance

Here’s a link to a bunch of research articles regarding the research on the potential health benefits of beets

Sounds good to me.  So let’s talk about how to make this powder and what to do with it so we can enjoy some of these health benefits.

How to Make Simple Pretty Pink Beet Powder

Remove greens…wash and use as you would any cooking green no need to throw them away.  Because beets like to leave their mark on everything be warned that wearing gloves, an apron and protecting the surface of your working area are all good ideas.  If you don’t mind pink hands then just proceed by washing the beets, cutting off tops and bottoms and using a peeler to remove the skins.  

Dehydrating Beets

If dehydrating you could use a dehydrator such as an Excalibur or a Nesco.  When I first became interested in dehydrating I invested in a Nesco Dehydrator and I had it for around 10 years before it quit working. I then invested in an Excalibur Dehydrator. A Sun Oven can also be used, which is great if you want to invest in something that allows you to cook and dehydrate without electricity.  I have had fun experimenting with mine and I love the idea of having some things that allow you to be self sufficient and this fits the bill. 

You also could potentially use your oven on the lowest setting with the door open if you don’t own a dehydrator of any kind. 

Slice or dice your beets just try to keep them uniform in size so that they dry at the same rate. Place the beets on the drying racks and dehydrate until completely dry.  You can be flexible with the temp from 105-140 degrees.  They will likely take 12-24 hrs. No moisture will be present when they are fully dehydrated.

If you have a freeze drying such as a Harvest Right, place on trays and put into the freeze dryer. Follow the promts on the scrren to complete the cycle. 

When your beets are fully dry you can give them a good blitz in a high speed blender and you will get this beautiful pink powder.

Uses for Simple Pretty Pink Beet Powder

Here are some ideas for using this slightly sweet and earthy beet power.

  • juice…make a straight up beet juice by adding water or add a sprinkle to another juice such as grape or pomegranate.
  • smoothies…many different smoothies could be boosted with a teaspoon of beet powder
  • sauces/dressings/dips…a little added to a homemade salad dressing could be a fun way to top a berry salad or maybe a sprinkle added to hummus or a tahini sauce 
  • homemade ice cream…frozen bananas make a wonderful healthy ice cream add some frozen berries and a touch of powder and it will give it a beautiful color
  • breakfast bowls…sprinkle a touch on top of yogurt or oatmeal bowls
  • natural food coloring…add to homemade batter to make pink cinnamon rolls, pancakes, or waffles which would be fun for the holidays or for lovers of pink in your house:)
  • cosmetics…make your own blush or lip balm using beet powder and other ingredients such as arrowroot or shea butter and beeswax

Enjoy growing and preserving your beets with this simple beet powder!

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